Monday, March 21, 2016

Sweet Peppers Upside Down Cornbread

Every time I see cornbread in the cafe at work, I get excited since it looks so delicious. It was indeed delicious the first time I tried it there, but I was extremely disappointed the second (way too dry) and third (way too salty) time. Since then, I stopped getting it from the cafe, but every time I see it, I crave for some good cornbread! So a few weeks ago I decided to make some at home to satiate those cravings. I like adding veggies to cornbread (like these cornmeal muffins), but the only fresh vegetables I had on hand were mini sweet peppers. I decided to roast them a little to add some nice smokiness. Instead of chopping them up and adding to the batter, I lined them at the bottom of my baking pan, hoping they wouldn’t rise up while baking. Since cornbread batter is quite dense, it worked out just fine and the result was a lovely colorful upside down cornbread.


~10 mini sweet peppers
Ingredients for cornbread from your favorite cornbread recipe. I used this cornmeal muffin recipe without the added veggies.

Wash and trim the stems of the sweet peppers. Slice vertically in halves or quarters (depending on the size of the peppers) and remove all seeds. In a nonstick pan, place the peppers skin side up in a single layer (you could use some oil/butter if needed, but generally they’re okay without it). Cover and cook over medium heat for a couple minutes until the peppers begin to brown. Flip them over and let the skin side get some char. Repeat until the peppers are soft to touch and have been browned on both sides.


Line a 8-9” baking pan with parchment paper. Lay down the peppers skin side down in the pan.


Prepare the cornbread batter, and gently pour it over the peppers. Bake as per cornbread recipe instructions (I baked mine at 400 F) until it is cooked through in the middle (test with a knife or toothpick).

Let it cool in the pan for a few minutes before flipping it over and slicing the cornbread. Serve warm with a dab of butter.


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Sweet peppers upside down cornbread - Adding a little more color and taste to simple comfort food.

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