Saturday, June 12, 2010


Welcome to the culinary adventures of two engineering graduate students! We are the Cooks of Cake and Kindness. This idea was born from months of cooking experiments as we attempted to distract ourselves from frustrating studies. It has been almost a year since we promised ourselves that we would document our successes (or failures) and, to stave off the onset of a boring Saturday afternoon, have finally sat down to write our very first post. The recipes we will be posting come from a mixture of cookbooks, other food blogs, friends, and our moms. Most, if not all, will include our own personal modifications, be it for health-conscious reasons or because we simply didn't have the necessary ingredients ;)

This first post doesn't contain any recipes. Sorry! We're just giving some background. To start, kudos to our good friend Michael Bunce for coming up with the name of our blog. "Cooks of Cake and Kindness" is actually the title of a song by a 60's band, The Californians. We think it's fitting, considering we do bake a lot of cakes, and we're also pretty nice people :P

A little bit about us...we are both mechanical engineering PhD students at Purdue University and have been roommates for almost a year. Gayatri is from India and Karla (a half Filipino) is from Michigan, and our different backgrounds contribute a lot to the variety of our dishes. We hope you will have as much fun reading about our exploits as we had living them! Watch for our first actual recipe post, a fancy chocolate cake!

~ Karla and Gayatri


  1. its about time!

  2. Congratulations! I'm eager to see your recipes!

  3. Fabulous! Look forward to your adventures in the land of "plakous" (Greek for flat!), Old English:kaak; Danish: kage, Dutch: koek, German: Kuchen, Swedish: kaka Icelandic: kaka, and Norwegian: kake

  4. Wow it will be good to see well engineered Food recipes ! :-)


  5. Awesome! Looking forward to your recipes.

  6. Great...!
    Really looking forward to your culinary adventures!