Monday, August 3, 2015

Chicken Strudel

Many years ago, when my sister and I were still in high school, the head chef at the office where my mom worked would have these delectable chicken strudels for sale around the holidays. It became a tradition to stock the freezer full of them to savor through the holiday season, and when the chef moved on to a different venture, we were supremely disappointed to no longer have access to his culinary masterpiece. Thankfully, my mom got her hands on a recipe! While this version doesn’t exactly replicate the holiday favorite, it is wonderfully delicious in its own right.
Ingredients: (makes 2 strudels, about 4-6 servings)
~1.5 lbs chicken breast, cooked and shredded or chopped
2 9” pie crusts
~8 asparagus spears, chopped roughly into 1-inch pieces
~8 oz spinach
~8 oz mushrooms, sliced
Sliced Provolone or Havarti cheese (about 6-8 deli slices each, depending on size)
Paprika, garlic, pepper for seasoning
Margarine or butter (optional)
Note: Refer to our goulash or spinach mushroom lasagna for instructions on how to cook the chicken breast so it is flavorful and juicy. For a vegetarian option, replace the chicken with seitan or firm tofu, or add more veggies such as broccoli and cauliflower.
Heat oven to 375F.
Divide spinach, mushrooms, chicken, and asparagus in half. Roll out the pie crusts. On one side of each crust, layer spinach, chicken, mushrooms, and asparagus, then top with the cheese slices. Fold over the other side of the pie crust and crimp the edges together, similar to a calzone. If desired, brush melted margarine or butter on top for a golden-brown crust (I generally skip this step).
Bake for about 30 minutes until the edges turn golden brown and cheese starts oozing out (yumm!).
Let cool, then slice and enjoy!

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Chicken Strudel - Crispy on the outside, juicy and delicious on the inside!

Posted by The Cooks of Cake and Kindness on Monday, August 3, 2015

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