Friday, March 13, 2015

Happy Pi(e) Day!

Not that we need a reason to eat pie, but March 14th (3.14) makes for a good excuse. Like every year, we had a celebration at work yesterday featuring a variety of pies (a lot of them were homemade!). Of course we had to make the uber berry pie that we love so much, and Karla even cut out the pie crust so it would say "pi" :-)

We also attempted a Boston cream pie - which really is a cake, but does have the word "pie" in the name, so it works for Pi day! The pudding part of the pie didn't set as thick as intended so it wasn't as much a layer of filling, but was still delicious and moist.

Check out our
mixed berry pie recipe, and stay tuned for the Boston cream pie recipe coming next month.

~ Karla & Gayatri

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