Friday, January 30, 2015

Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate!!! (...and sprinkles)


Not only do Karla and I still work together (we also went to school together and were roommates for three years) and write this blog together, we also share a love for chocolate - which is apparent from the candy stocked at our desks and the “chocolate breaks” we take at work. So, when I asked Karla what kind of birthday cake she wanted, her answer was obvious. To make it as chocolate-y as possible, I made a chocolate cake frosted with chocolate buttercream and topped with dark chocolate ganache - and then added sprinkles. The birthday girl liked it and it surely was well received by our colleagues based on how quickly it was gone.

Chocolate cakeRecipe
Chocolate buttercream: Recipe
Once the cake is completely cooled, frost the top and sides with the buttercream.
Chocolate ganache:
On low-medium heat on the stove top, heat ½ cup of heavy cream and 4 oz dark chocolate chips. Keep stirring until chocolate is completely melted to form a smooth mixture. Take it off the heat and let it cool down to room temperature (otherwise it can melt the buttercream).
Once cooled, carefully pour the ganache starting at the center of the cake and spread it outward with a spatula if required. Use a clean knife or spatula (wipe it off often during the process) to smoothen out the ganache.
Just a few colorful sprinkles to add a trim-like decoration and the cake was ready for the birthday celebration :-)
If using ganache directly on the cake, you can pour it over when it is still warm.
The consistency of ganache can be adjusted to your liking by changing the ratio of cream and chocolate.
The ganache can be cooled and whipped to make a nice thick frosting to pipe on the cake as well.

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